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Building a home you dream of is a fairly complex process, regardless of where you live. It’s certainly not as simple as purchasing an existing property, but many people underestimate the number of steps in the process. If you’re considering self-building a home in the UK, here’s what you can expect.


Self-builds are not inexpensive, as you can imagine the cost of materials and labour adds up quickly. You can anticipate paying £1,000-£3,000 per square meter, although costs vary greatly depending on the scope of the project, materials used, issues the crew runs into, and more. Additionally, if you plan to utilize your own skills for part of the project, you can save thousands of pounds.

Knowing how much your home will cost is only half of the battle, though. You can choose to finance the project yourself if you have the money saved. However, it is more likely that you will require a self-build mortgage. Call around to lenders and see what is possible to borrow. Once you have a number, evaluate the costs for the plot of land, materials, labour, and some excess funds for any snags along the way.


As stated above, you must own a plot of land to build your house upon. It can be difficult to find the right plot, though. Zoning requirements may prohibit a plot from residential use, while land geography may make the property unsuitable for building. Be sure to take along a professional who can evaluate the plots you are considering. This will ensure you avoid buying a plot you cannot use.

How to Build

Some people may be unaware, but there are several different self-build options that may suit your needs and skill levels. On one end of the spectrum is a DIY build. This should only be handled by a professional, or someone willing to call in professionals if something goes wrong. You also will most likely need to leave your job, or change your hours, to dedicate your time to this project. The benefits of this method are the cost savings (which can be substantial), and complete control over the project. A complete DIY build is not for the everyday person, so most likely, you will want to work with builders at least some of the time.

On the other end, we have Packages and Custom Builds. Both are very hands-off and provide a starting point for the self-builder. While you won’t have as much say in what happens, you can usually make some small architectural changes and choose the finishing design elements.

Building your own home may not be as simple as buying a pre-built home, but it does have many benefits. You’ll leave the project knowing that everything is the way you wanted, making it much easier to avoid moving again in the future. When considering self-building, keep these details in mind to better help your decision-making process.