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Keeping up with your home can be difficult. There are so many things we are expected to do in a day, and often, there is just not enough time. Yet, letting home maintenance fall by the wayside is not a good solution, as it can cause problems later on. Instead, follow these tips to stay on top of the duties you must complete to keep your home in working order.

Chores — Weekly

This should come as no surprise, but chores should be completed on a regular basis to make sure they do not pile up. Cleaning dirty dishes and clothes are obvious chores to stay on top of, but vacuuming and dusting are both equally important. Keeping your home clean will improve your air quality and make your time spent cleaning quite short, whereas avoiding these tasks will inevitably cause them to become more difficult.

Small Repairs — Monthly

We’ve all had small repairs pop up at inconvenient times. Perhaps your garden needs to be completely torn out and reworked, or you might have a hole in a window screen. Unless these annoyances start to cause negative effects on your daily life, you can usually leave them for a day you set aside to tackle everything. I suggest setting time once per month to complete all of these small tasks and reset for the next month.

Deep Cleaning and Organisation — Seasonally

Over time, we accumulate things that we may not really need or want. Alternatively, we can also buy useful items that just don’t have a place in our home, and therefore lie around and get in the way. One every season, pencil in a day to go through everything in your home, get rid of the junk, and organise the things you want to keep. This is also an ideal time to do some deep cleaning, as you’ll ideally already have your items out of place while you’re organising.

Check for Large Repairs — Annually

When major appliances break, it is often very noticeable. However, some problems can be predicted when you are aware of early signs of damage. Once per year, you should look at all of the major appliances and structures in your house to see if they will need repair in the upcoming year. Doing this in a timely manner can help you avoid disasters, such as your boiler bursting in the middle of winter or your air conditioner going on the fritz in July. Try to make smaller lists of things to look at right before they are needed. So, with the examples above, you would want to check your boiler in September and your air conditioner in May.

Keeping your home in great shape is not excessively difficult, especially when you stay on top of tasks. Make sure to schedule time for maintenance checks to avoid any negative consequences.