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Selling your house is a huge step, and it’s important that you make a good first impression to potential buyers. Many homeowners assume that making a house look nice for friends and family is the same as making it look nice for interested parties. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though. These are some of the specific things you should do to your house before showing it.

Make Minor Repairs

Most homes have small things that need to be fixed. You might need to buff out scratches from your floor or replace a bathroom mirror with a broken frame. Minor repairs may be common, but leaving them undone looks sloppy and can deter buyers quickly. Take a Saturday to complete these updates, so no one points them out during a showing.

New Coat of Paint

In addition to the minor repairs, a quick and inexpensive way to improve your home’s appearance is updating the paint. Polarising colours (such as neon green) should be painted over, and all other walls should be given a fresh coat of paint. This will cover up any scratches that have accumulated over the years, and it will help your home look newer than it is. Keep in mind that light walls can help a room look larger than it is, so if you have many dark walls, consider painting over it with a few coats of lighter paint.

Remove Personal Items

It is important to many people to have family pictures up around the house, but this is one of the biggest things to avoid when selling your home. People don’t want to feel like they’re kicking a family out of their home, so make sure to remove anything that can be construed as sentimental. This includes trophies or awards, personal style choices, and a family calendar.

Clean More Often

Obviously, when showing a house, you should prioritise cleaning. Doing a full deep clean is a great first step, as you never know where buyers will want to look to determine cleanliness. However, you should also continue to clean before every showing, and more regularly if you have pets or children. Vacuuming is probably the most important chore to do several times per week, although you should also keep the bathrooms and kitchen tidy, too. Dusting and window-washing can be completed as needed.

Selling a home can be very difficult, depending on the market. Make sure to take extra care of your home leading up to the sale to make the process easier.