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Landscaping is not always an easy task. There are many elements to consider, and failure to do so can result in a dying or otherwise unattractive garden. Landscaping can make your home look nice. Done in the wrong way, though, and it can cause you to lose property value, or even cause damage to the structure of your house. Here are some things to consider when designing your yard or garden.


When choosing how to set up your garden, you should first be realistic about the limitations of your plot. Do you have any yard space? Is it small, medium, or large? Are you limited to a window box? These kinds of questions can help determine what plants you are able to grow. Additionally, where your home and other outdoor features are located on the plot could also factor in the limitations of your decision. For example, you’ll need a significant amount of yard space in order to plant a tree, as its roots can be damaging to your home when it grows.


Once you know your spatial limitations, you can start choosing between plants. While the look of the plant is important, you also need to factor in sunlight, shade, humidity, and precipitation. Plants that typically live in arid desert environments will require more direct sunlight and less rain. However, plants that typically live in more humid, swampy areas will need regular watering. So, although you may love the look of a plant, you may not have the ability to adequately take care of it.


While watering your plants is an important part of upkeep, you must also take care of your plants in other ways. Weeding regularly is essential to keep your plants alive, and it can be a tedious chore. Pruning is also important to the health of shrubbery and trees. Pesticides may also be a necessity, but you’ll have to find the right one for your plants. Additionally, some plants will grow outside of the area you plant them in. Regardless of the plant, there will be some maintenance, so be sure to choose plants that fit with your capabilities.

Landscaping, when done right, can be beautiful. Proper placement of flowers, trees, and shrubbery can reinvigorate a property and make it much more desirable. If you are preparing to make some major changes to your landscaping, consider these tips to set you up for success.